Ways to Make Your House Attractive to Buyers

Putting your house out there in the market can get scary since it is extremely competitive and some houses linger unsold for years in the market. So why aren’t they selling? There could be many reasons but most of them are fixable by a little work. When putting a house on sale, it needs to be made appealing to the buyers so that they are attracted and would like to actually buy it. so here are some things you could do.

  1. Fix the little things

It is easy to ignore the little problems as you keep living in your house. With time, you get used to your house the problems that are in it, always plan on fixing them but never do. Now that you are trying to sell it, you need to fix them as soon as possible. Take a stroll around the house and try to view through a buyer’s eye. Any broken doorknobs, patches on the walls, broken tiles in the bathroom, a creaking close door can all be fixed very easily with less amounts of money. it is easy to click some attractive photos and post online or send your agent, however when it’s time for the home inspection by the buyers, you are in trouble. That little broken doorknob can make or break a deal, since it means that you haven’t even put an effort into ensuring the house is up to standard to be sold.

  • Add more space

That one additional room or storey can make a huge difference in sale value. If you have extra space that can be used to extend your home, do it! Do your research as to what sells in the market; is it two storey houses than the single storey ones, houses with extra garage space or a house with a rooftop. Contact omara second storey builders, they can easily add another storey to your house, giving more space. Add a deck in the garden, add a store room, a garage, one more bedroom as the guest room; anything added will increase the sale value.

  • De-clutter

Imagine walking into a home you’d like to purchase and see a load of clutter all over, would you be interested in buying? Nobody would. So first off, throw away all unnecessary stuff, store whatever extra and be ready to welcome the buyers. Use an external storage unit to put away unnecessary stuff, do not shove them in the attic, basement or store room since the buyers would like to check those too.

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