Ways to Make Your Home Look Spacious

Space is becoming a luxury nowadays, especially in urban areas. People own small apartments or houses, cramped up with all their furniture, living to see another day. Even though you cannot make your house bigger, you can make it LOOK bigger than it usually is. Illusions that do not meet the eye will help in expanding the room. Here are tips and tricks for it.

  1. De-clutter and store

First of all, you need to de-clutter your home. With a huge pile of clothes on the floor, unnecessary bills on the coffee table, the pile of shoes and coats near the door; these make the house look congested. So, lift off anything off the ground; the more floor space is visible, the bigger the room looks. Next, store the necessary items carefully. You can use multipurpose furniture for this. Furniture has space inside them that can be used and multipurpose furniture solved this problem. Now you can lift up the top of the coffee table and store all your bills, books and magazines, the beds and sofas have drawers underneath them etc. Another option is transforming furniture where for example, the dressing table converts into a study table when required so you don’t have to have two separate tables. When the study table isn’t needed, it can be folded in, giving more space to the room.

  • Use light to your advantage

A room will instantly look bigger when you let ample sunlight come in. it might be time to change your windows, especially if they have stains on them or are discoloured. Replacement of windows also available; go for full glass panes so that ample light can get in during the day. Use tall and bright lamps around the house, especially ones that illuminate light upwards towards the ceiling, making the ceiling look taller than usual. Install mirrors near windows so that the light coming in will reflect and make the room look instantly bigger. Mirrors hung elsewhere such as stairway and hallways will also do the job.

  • Use large accessories

Having many smaller sized decorative ornaments can make the room look cluttered hence go for one large masterpiece per room. A crystal candle holder, large ceramic vase, a grandfather clock, large paintings on the wall etc. will do the trick. What happens here is that when there is only one piece, total attention will go to that and the rest of the room will blend in, surrounding it. If there are too many ornaments, your eyes will wander off to every corner of the room, making it look like the room has limited space and is small.

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