Ways to Increase Home Privacy

No matter how civilized and residential your area is, there will be prying eyes, waiting to check up on the happenings in your house. home privacy is invaded even if someone simply peeps through your window keeps track of who comes and goes, the times you leave the house etc. Here are some simple things you can do to avoid being watched.

  1. Put up fences

Putting up a fence can be the least expensive option. Some areas’ homes have open front and backyards and this is largely a threat to privacy. Install tall fences around the house that will help ensure your whereabouts cannot be spotted. However, this may not be effective if you own a two storey house since the second floor will be visible. For the top floor, you’ll have to find other solutions.

  • Install blinds

Blinds, plantation shutters are a great way to protect your windows from peeping Toms and also bright sunlight early morning, especially if you like to sleep in till late. The good thing about blinds is that they can be rolled up if you needed, unlike the permanent privacy options such as tinting your windows. Also, let’s say you want to let some air come in, you can open the window and leave the blinds down so the air has room to blow in while still blocking the view of what’s happening inside the house. You can easily get blinds and plantation shutters for great quality and price.

  • Plants evergreens

A tall layer of evergreens will block the view of even the second floor. For the ones who like to keep nature close to them, evergreens is the best option. If you like to spend time gardening, make it a point to plant some of these giants to block the view of your home. Also, don’t forget some rose bushes around the edges. The thorns will keep the trespassers away.

  • Place windows strategically

Changing the placing of your windows might be hard in an already built house but if you are still designing your new home, make sure you pay attention to this factor. Most people go for modern home designs that have huge floor to ceiling glass windows, letting the entire street have a look inside your home. Rather, you need to ensure such revealing windows should not face the street or your neighbours. Do not place windows towards the street and your neighbors’ windows. Have windows at the back of your house or facing blind walls. Remember the stalker horror movies where they watch you from the window? Yes, it happens in real life so design your home very carefully.

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