Small renovation ideas which will increase your life satisfaction!

You might be thinking that what kind of crazy person would suggest that little change in your house will influence or increase your life satisfaction. But, there is some validity to the argument! Most people would be influenced by what other people think of them. People’s image of the person you are will be derived from your possessions like clothes, handbags to house, place you reside in! Therefore, if you house looks better, people will talk highly of you whereby you will be externally motivated by other people through words and gestures to make you feel better. In addition to the above said, below are few other renovations and reasons why it will help you lead a satisfied life!

Place where you can relax and calm down

Generally life is pretty hectic and we do not have a time or place where we can just relax and not think of other issues. However, our homes should be that place. You might not feel that way because it might be high maintenance or something simple like you have coloured your rooms in an exciting instead of a calming colour. If you are unsure then you should go with shades of blue or eggshell white colour! These colours have a serene look that will aid you to feel a bit relaxed!

Design your bathroom!

The only place you are truly free is your restroom or the bathroom (if you do not take your phone inside the bathroom). Even, if you use the cell phone in bathroom, if you are using it to read a book or play a kid’s game then the effect is not lost on you. If you are one of those people who would love water, then you should buy freestanding baths to place in your restrooms. You might think it is too extravagant (well if you are going to buy a bath for every bathroom then yes, if not, then you are not being extravagant. Research has postulated that people who take baths are more relaxed than people who take showers. Moreover, most people will add bathing salts or essential oils to the water which will add to the healing properties of the water!

Have your own personal space

It is hard to find a quiet place which you can claim for yourself. Therefore, in the beginning itself it is better to have a spot in house where you can have some time alone when you need it and make sure others in the house will respect it.

In addition to the above mentioned, renovating your house to look better will not only have a mental impact on you and others around you but also increase your self-esteem and other self-concepts.

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