Renovation and security: Things to look out for

All of us love renovating our houses; it is exciting, adds more prospects to our resale value and everyone love upgrades. We are often worried about the contractor taking a bit off the top or the remodelling not completing on time. However, during this process most of us forget to worry about the obvious – the security of the house during this process. You might think that you are prone from robberies or other disasters; however, you cannot be certain. You need to make sure to take steps and ensure that the worst does not happen. Here are few steps to help you with the process of making sure you are safe.

Complete door renovations within the day

If you are planning to change the door (due to its style or frame), then you should try to complete it within the day or else you might have to sleep with a riffle by your side. You might think that it is crazy but you need to understand that the people who worked on the door would know that the work on the door was not completed and they might let it slip to one of their associates who might have a part-time job of looting homes. If you are going for security and protection, then you should go for hinged doors, because they are affordable stylish at the same time grant you maximum security.

Have a security systems installed

If you are having people in your house during the day, then you need to be vigilant and make sure that you are not taken advantage of in the night. This can be easily achieved by having the right security system in the place. You might think that it is useless. However, if you refrain from giving the password to people who are working then you are pretty safe. However, to be cautious, it is better if you can check the place and lock the doors and windows whereby you will manually also feel secure from breach.

Make sure to know the contractor and his crew

Statistics show that there is a greater risk of your home being burglarized when it is being renovated. This probably means someone knows your house is being remodelled or renovated, i.e., they are part of the crew or someone the crew interacted with. You should also make sure to see if the crew has packed away its belongings and any obvious unsafe place is covered.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are several other tips and strategies that you can make use of to help ensure your house is not breached or robbed or burglarized.

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