Moving and decorating your new house

Trying to sell your house can be an exhausting exercise. If you didn’t find someone to do it for you, you will end up setting it up for a staging or at least hosting potential buyers. Then comes the laborious task of packing everything you ever owned and cleaning out the closets, drawers, almirahs and whatnot. You should also clean and leave the house in an acceptable status for a newcomer as well.

What to carry and what not to?

As humans we are all fond of our belongings. No one can be blamed for wanting to take that table lamp or not wanting to leave the baby cradle of your daughter. However, moving is such an action that you sometimes wish you will never have to move again. Therefore, when packing, see what you can leave behind. Some stuff is there which you won’t use at all; some are just for sentimental value. Others, you don’t use, but still someone can make use of it. Make this an opportunity to clear the clutter. When there is less things to worry about you will feel happy within as well. Also, when you donate some stuff seeing how the receivers are, you can be even happier.

Moving out

After you pack and leave the old place, there is the job of unpacking and decorating the new house! Even though you are exhausted from all what you had to go though at the old house, procrastinating on decorating the new house is not to be done. The new house must not only be arranged with your stuff but also you must decorate it nicely so friends and family who visit will be impressed. Even if not, it must be a great place for you to come home to at the end of a tiring day. You might not want to move again, however, decorating and maintaining the house for any possible action is also a prudent idea.

Decorating the new place

Even though you own a thousand stuff, do not litter the house with all that. Use only some elegant and classy-looking furniture. When you are working on home lighting Singapore, remember to talk to an interior designer on how each area will work with light and darkness. Some new developments of lighting have made use of natural lighting even towards the evening to reduce use of artificial illumination. Match the colours; use soft pastel colours unless you are in to red and black. If you are someone who would like curtains still, choose colours which matches the furniture and wall paint colours.

Even though a painstaking task, moving to a new palace and redesigning it from the top is also interesting and exciting. Use your imagination to come up with a beautiful house that anyone would love.

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