Four Easy Ways to Build an Eco Friendly Home

Have you started sketching ideas on notebooks and Googled for home designs for your new home? Well let me start wishing you a good luck first. Now if you didn’t know already, here’s a fact. We’ve got only twelve more years, to save the earth from irreparable damage. Kind of sad isn’t it? Well, most of us here the ability to make even the tiniest of change, it doesn’t mean you have to read a dozen articles about zero waste lifestyle, but it’s the willingness that matters. And building a house is a huge project that can possibly have an unfathomable amount of adverse effects to the planet. But there’s still ways you can incorporate to build an environmentally friendly house. Check below to be enlightened.

Smaller House

This is the first step you could take to reduce the impact you’re creating on the environment when building a house. Smaller home means smaller eco footprint. Because no matter how many eco-friendly methods you use for construction and the maintenance of your house, a smaller eco-friendly home will certainly reduce the environmental impact. So go small and simple and on a positive note, cleaning and vacuuming will also be reduced.

Sustainable Materials

When you’re looking for a contractor who builds stunning custom houses, check if they’ll customise and use sustainable materials. From the window frame to the wooden flooring, there are so many areas you could stick to sustainable practices and reduce the impact of the entire process on the environment. Instead of going ephemeral and opting for brick and mortar, rather go for bamboo straws and earth bags.

Solar Power

Another thing to ponder on would be if you could opt for solar polar. You have the power to use the ultimate source of clean, cost effective renewable source of energy because you’re building a new home, and an opportunity many home owners have already lost. If you can’t go solar, there’s still wind and hydropower, two other renewable energy sources you could use if are you’re living in allows for it.

Energy Efficient Lighting It’s all about how you light up the places you live in and work at. Again you can bring in a change here and create a huge impact. By far, the best source of light is sunlight, so when you build your house, throw them windows everywhere you wish to from above the kitchen sinks to your living rooms and bedrooms. Next you could put some thought into your lighting systems and the kind of bulbs like LEDs and other eco friendly light bulbs to reduce the carbon impact.

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